Brentford Picture Book

I’m a proud North Londoner through and through. I love wandering around Hampstead, stopping for a crepe and taking a slow stroll around the Heath, going for a coffee and catch up with friends in Muswell Hill or Highgate and enjoying the all important food and drink in Islington. Very occasionally you may have even caught a rare sighting of me walking a dog in the leafy Hertfordshire lanes where my parents live. I always imagined that I would make my own home in one of these areas where I felt so comfortable. Don’t get me wrong… I am very aware of the cost of living there, but a girl could dream and she could always find a flat share in a lovely house.

Flash-forward to today and here I am sitting in my West London, Brentford Lock flat, learning what it means to be married and sharing my life with someone. All the while getting used to a totally new part of London place and finding that I am beginning to fall in love with it. Brentford is located right where the River Thames and River Brent meet and is an ‘up and coming’ young professional town. Its close location to several large companies makes it a great location for the professionals that work there. As with most of West London, its tube and train links to central London are slow, however the introduction of the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line promises to greatly improve this.

I love living so close to water. I don’t know what it is, but if I am near water I feel relaxed and often more inspired to get out of the house to find some inspiration. I have always loved spending time close to the River Thames and to live right by it is quite lovely. My South Londoner husband is quite happy living here… and for the moment I am too. But I do wonder how long I can stay under the spell of ‘The River’. For now I am delighting in the fact that actually our flat is on the north side of the river, so my south of the river headaches remain hidden enough for me to enjoy Brentford and its river position.

Here I am sharing a bit of a picture album post of a reasonably recent sunny day walk around Brentford. Something I loved during this walk is the mixture of weathered industrial remnants versus the more homely narrow boat culture with the beautiful moored boats in the area. I hope you enjoy my amateur photography… rest assured, one of my 2017 goals is to improve my photography, so watch this space and follow my instagram account @laurendloves to follow my progress and my attempt to complete the #makelight365 challenge.
















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