About Lauren


Hello! I’m Lauren, a London based craft lover. I used to see myself as being addicted to crafting, but I have recently realised that actually crafting is my therapy.

After completing a degree in Arts Education, I’ve worked my way through a variety of different jobs; informal educator and youth worker, providing bespoke craft workshops and birthday parties, working with theatre companies developing and delivering performances and workshops, supporting children with special educational needs in school, and most recently as a qualified secondary school drama teacher.

I am now live in the freelance world on a mission to love what I do and do what I love. I want to help people create the the wedding of their dreams and turn their Pinterest and Instagram ideas into a reality.

In October 2016 I married John, the most wonderful person. Together we created our dream wedding, most of which was handmade. I blogged through the lead up to our wedding for Smashing The Glass and carried on post-wedding talking about how to DIY different elements of a Jewish wedding.

Since then I’ve worked on various commissions; Chuppah canopies (the structure that Jewish people get married under), wedding signage and props, candle favours, party invitations and table plans.

Things I love (in no particular order):
* Taking part in crafty workshops and learning new skills
* Buying craft supplies (not good for the bank balance)
* Owls
* Lego
* Laser cut jewellery
* Buying succulents and candles (my husband is banning future purchases until they are dead or burned out)
* The crafts I love the most; sewing, hand lettering, baking and using watercolours
* Dreaming of new ideas
* Instagram

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