Time to admit it… I am a craft hoarder

There were boxes everywhere when my fiancé and I finally moved into our new flat. We had a load of loyal family helping us out with the move and I was the white van driver for the day. I was also in charge of allocating boxes to the correct location whilst everyone else schlepped the boxes. We had been living in a small studio flat and most of my stuff had been put into storage or left at my parent’s home. So it was a pretty extensive amalgamation of boxes and furniture. It was very confusing! John, my fiancé, was not very impressed with me that evening. Not only was everything just randomly dumped in any odd place, but the whole place was also over run with my ‘craft crap’ as John liked to call it. I was told to throw stuff away, but I bravely convinced everyone that we would have plenty of room to store it all. In reality I didn’t know where this ‘plenty of room’ was and was getting a bit concerned for the welfare of my craft supplies.

We successfully managed to cram everything into one cupboard in the hallway – a boiler cupboard that is full from the floor to the ceiling. However that is not my only stash of supplies… my parents have a considerable amount at their house too… Yes I am addicted to buying craft stuff and I particularly enjoy learning new skills. I spend days dreaming up and planning new craft projects. I research the crafts into the night and finally I go shopping for new craft supplies for those projects.

It is getting a bit silly now, not to mention expensive, so I have decided that I am going to inflict a craft spending ban on myself and start seeing through all these project ideas. Hopefully I will make some space in our home and fill it with lovely homemade beauties (I am inflating my abilities there!) I will post pictures, maybe the odd ‘how-to’ and hopefully make my fiancé a lot happier!

Wish me luck!


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